Bible Studies

Casa Chirilagua hosts on average 25-30 students weekly who want to deepen their relationship with God and study the Bible together. Through these weekly meetings caring leaders help students understand:


  • God made them
  • He loves them
  • He has a plan for their life


We facilitate two age and gender specific middle school Bible studies and one co-ed high school Bible study in the neighborhood, which volunteers lead weekly throughout the academic school year. Students receive biblical teaching alongside life skills development in the areas of healthy conflict resolution, making wise relationship decisions, how to overcome pridefulness with humility, and financial literacy and stewardship education to name a few.


Additionally, relationships are reinforced during one fall camping trip and one spring retreat when students and leaders spend time away from the daily grind to deepen relationships with God and each other. As students attending Bible Study invite friends, these Bible studies grow as word spreads.



To get involved with Bible Studies, investing one hour a week with a group of students for at least one academic year, email


Bible study camping trip: leaving the comfort zone

By Julia Simerly
Middle School Girls Bible Study leader and Casa Chirilagua Co-Founder


When I heard that our Casa Bible study groups were going camping over Columbus Day weekend, I was torn. I wanted to be there for the middle school girls with whom I’ve built relationships over the past year. I knew how powerful this past spring retreat was. We had deepened our relationships and I really wanted to continue down that path with these young ladies. However, camping has never been my forte.

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Fall 2016 – Spring 2017 Casa Chiri Volunteer/Service Opportunities

Kids Club After School Program Volunteer
WHEN: Monday – Friday; 2:50 to 5:15 PM
COMMITMENT: One day per week for 1.5 – 2 hours; On-going
RESPONSIBILITIES: Provide children with reading assistance, assist with homework or lead a learning activity by bringing your skills to the table.
NEED: Volunteers for once a month Friday field trips
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students and leaders building relationships

As leaders, if we are honest with ourselves, we sometimes doubt our effectiveness or the impact we are making. Over the summer, four Casa Bible study leaders have been meeting twice a week with Middle School and High School girls to discuss healthy relationships. After a few sessions, the leaders gathered after a session and expressed concern about the quietness of the group. How can we improve? How can we make the class more engaging? Are we being effective? Are the girls understanding the content? How can we get them to share? These were all questions bouncing through our heads.


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Casa Bible Study Groups Celebrate End of Year

Flying through mid-air across 50+ connected trampolines seems chaotic. There’s the landing, the rebound and of course the crowd of people all around! This is all before even trying any flips. In the midst of the excitement lies a certain peace as one floats through the air and defies gravity.

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