Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors includes a variety of local Casa Chirilagua supporters from the Washington, D.C. metro area. The board meets four times per year and attends one board retreat annually.


The Board oversees the formation and approval of the annual budget and annual development/fundraising plans; organizational financial oversight and strategic planning; hiring decisions concerning the President/Executive Director; approving major partnerships and purchases; creating and operating Board Committees.

Isaac Simerly

Board chair, board member since 2015; Government Service-U.S. Navy Support

Joanna Bopp

M. Ed, Development Committee chair, board member since 2015; Educational Instructional Supervisor

Andrea Duvall

JD, Board Secretary, Development Committee member, board member since 2015; Attorney, Hogan Lovells US LLP

Dawnielle Miller

President, founding board member since 2011; Executive Director and Co-Founder, Casa Chirilagua

Fernanda Montaño

JD, LLM, Strategic Direction Committee member, board member since 2016; Liaison to the Senate, Embassy of Mexico

Dorian Belz

Finance Committee Chair, Community Action Working Group lead, board member since 2016; Global Operations Briefer, Chief of Naval Operations Staff

Josie Ortega

Development Committee Chair, board member since 2017; Fundraising Professional

Fredy Hernandez

Board member since 2018; Program Manager, US Coast Guard

Anne Jang

JD, board member since 2018; Attorney

Lisa Treviño Cummins

Board member since 2018; President, Urban Strategies

Campbell Vogel

Board member since 2018; Management

Ryan Wismer

MA, board member since 2018; Risk Management Director, Chemonics