Middle School

Teens Club offers evening and weekend extracurricular opportunities for middle school students (6th-8th grades), providing social and developmental support through group classes, experience and exposure field trips, and service learning projects. Through active learning opportunities with peers, students are given the opportunity to engage with the world surrounding them and try new interests and activities.


All enrolled middle school students are eligible to participate in our after school tutoring support opportunities, weekly Bible study and mentoring programs.


Let’s Go Fly a Kite!

During March, Teens Club had the opportunity to celebrate spring by building kites. Our students walked into Teens Club to find print outs of kite building directions, stacks of dowel rods, garbage bags, rolls of Caution/Cuidado tape, and string. Many were hesitant to get on board.


“Why don’t we just go to CVS and buy a kite?”

“Kites made out of garbage bags? This looks totally ghetto.”

“There is no way I am going to do that!”


Slowly, with prodding from some of their more enthusiastic peers, almost all our kids got on board.

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Kennedy Center trips come to an end while drumming begins

Casa Chirilagua Teens Club


The Kennedy Center sits just across the Potomac from our neighborhood, a building that everyone recognizes, but very few of our neighbors have ever entered. It is huge, beautiful, and provides a free program each evening at 6:00pm. Over the course of three evening field trips in March, our students listened to an opera soloist, multiple classical pianists, and a jazz choir.

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March Volunteer of the Month

Every month we gather as a staff to select our Volunteer of the Month. With so many superstar volunteers it is always a tough choice, yet, each month one person or group stands out above the rest. This month we are pleased to announce Lisa Martinez is our March Volunteer of the Month!

Casa Chirilagua Teens Club learns yoga

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Downward Dog and the Kennedy Center

Casa Chirilagua Teens Club learns yoga

Our Monday night programming for Teens Club was created with the intent of broadening our students’ exposure to new ideas, hobbies, and skills. With that in mind, we were excited to offer a yoga class throughout the month of January. Lisa Martinez, a licensed professional yoga instructor, volunteered her teaching skills to introduce our young people to a new way of moving and knowing their bodies.

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