The Heart of Casa Club

By Teddi Beschel


This fall Casa Chirilagua expanded and relaunched our middle school program, Casa Club. Not only did we revamp the program, but I made my first appearance with Casa as the Youth Programs Coordinator. With a new program, new participants and myself being the new coordinator, I had no idea what to expect. Casa Chirilagua staff strongly emphasize creating a safe place for youth to work on academics while building positive supportive community. However I wondered whether the teens would buy into this message or not. Would Casa Club consist of students attending because their parents told them to? Or could it be something more?

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Welcoming Hands

As a first grader walking into Kids Club for the first time, I can imagine our program might be a little overwhelming. You ride the bus to a new place for the first time and you walk in to a community center full of kids you don’t really know. It’s loud, it’s full of energy, and there are all kinds of rhythms that you don’t yet know how to navigate. If I were a 1st grader, I wouldn’t know where to begin, and would really want someone to reach out and teach me the ropes.


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Como ayudar la familia local quien perdió su hijo de 3 años

Nos lamenta much comunicarles que el 23 de septiembre la familia Zuniga perdio su hijo teniendo la edad de 3 años. Nuestras sinceras pésames a la familia. Aunque la familia no es parte de Casa Chirilagua nos duele tener la perdida de una vida inocente en nuestra comunidad. Casa Chirilagua ha decidido apoyar a la familia recibiendo contribuciones para la familia Zuniga. Si desea contribuir favor hacerlo en una de las siguientes formas:

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How to Help Local Family Who Lost 3 Year Old

On the evening of Saturday, September 23, 2017, a 3-year old boy tragically lost his life when he was struck by a car on Executive Avenue in Alexandria, across the street from Casa Chirilagua. While they are not part of Casa programs, we are still grieving with the Zuniga family and want to support them in practical ways. We will receive monetary and gift card donations on behalf of this family. At this time the family is not in need of meal deliveries but appreciates greatly the thought and offer. NOTE: Casa Chirilagua will only serve as a pass-through, please know your gift is NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

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