Volunteer Spotlight: Liz Moraff

Elizabeth Moraff first visited Casa Chirilagua in the spring of 2010 through the InterVarsity spring break Urban plunge program. Liz would probably tell you that she instantaneously fell in love with Chirilagua. Her Casa Chiri Urban Plunge experience impacted her so deeply that she applied to participate in the InterVarsity DC Bridges program for the summer of 2010 and Liz was placed with Casa Chirilagua for her internship requirement. During that summer, Liz made a fantastic contribution to the summer Kids Club program as well as the birth and development of the organization. For her contribution we are deeply grateful.  However, Liz’s interaction with Casa Chirilagua did not stop there. She returned to visit the staff and students several times over the following two years.  She has also participated in supporting other Urban Plunge and Bridge DC groups who have visited Casa Chirilagua.


When Liz graduated from Maryland University this past spring, she decided that she wanted to dedicate her first year as a college graduate to service. In January of 2013, Liz will be joining staff with InnerChange serving homeless students on the streets of Boston. When she learned that her assignment in Boston wouldn’t begin until January, she contacted Casa Chirilagua to see if we could use her volunteer services in the mean time. In June, Liz moved to the neighborhood, got a job at a restaurant in Del Ray and has been volunteering any extra time with Casa Chirilagua.  She has been helping with administrative tasks in the office, chaperoning field trips, editing grant applications and helping with the student registration process. This fall, she will serve as a regular support volunteer for the new Middle School program at GW Middle School and will be working with many of the students she met at Kids Club as an intern 2 years ago. We are thrilled to have Liz’s presence in the neighborhood and her on-going sacrificial commitment.