At Kids Club, our mission is to lay the foundation for the emergence of local leaders. We strive to create a safe, stable, and loving environment where children can receive the academic support they need and learn skills to build honoring relationships with one another. As they develop and discover their myriad talents, we hope as well they will grow in the truth, care, and love of God through Bible-based lessons, access to caring adults, and the formation of healthy friendships.



Experience the joy of planting seeds for our future leaders by getting involved at Kids Club. Give two hours per week on a weekday from 3:15–5:15 p.m. for one academic year. E-mail: kidsclubdirector@casachirilagua.org.



The first neighborhood program of Casa Chirilagua, Kids Club, began in an apartment as a handful of students and neighbors reading together after school. Since then, it has grown into a five day a week after school program providing a safe environment and a sense of belonging where students experience academic, emotional and spiritual support.


In Kids Club, 1st–5th grade students are provided an educational after-school program to help improve academic achievement and confidence.


Kids Club offers students:

  • daily homework help
  • daily reading support
  • character building activities
  • a healthy snack
  • fun fridays offering exposure to art, science, physical fitness, healthy cooking and community service
  • monthly field trips


These activities encourage students to hone their academic skills and find an accepting community where they belong. Kids Club is located in Chirilagua, providing proximate access to promote family involvement, building a bridge between our partners and neighborhood, and creating space for our community to shape its youngest members into its future leaders.


All elementary students enrolled in Kids Club are eligible to participate in our mentoring program, family dinner and celebration nights and summer programs that provide academic support to prevent scholastic regression.



Won’t you build relationships that empower tomorrow’s leaders?
Be a part of Kids Club by e-mailing: kidsclubdirector@casachirilagua.org.




Welcoming Hands

As a first grader walking into Kids Club for the first time, I can imagine our program might be a little overwhelming. You ride the bus to a new place for the first time and you walk in to a community center full of kids you don’t really know. It’s loud, it’s full of energy, and there are all kinds of rhythms that you don’t yet know how to navigate. If I were a 1st grader, I wouldn’t know where to begin, and would really want someone to reach out and teach me the ropes.


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Meet Mr. Leigh, Kids Club Volunteer of the Year

What words come to mind when we think of Mr. Leigh?

Committed. FUN. Boisterous. Entertaining. LOVING.


Mr. Leigh is committed. For 5 years he has served faithfully alongside our community. As a volunteer at Kids Club he shows up twice a week, and seldom if ever misses a day or field trip. As soon as the school year started Mr. Leigh made sure we gave him a schedule of all of the field trips so he could move his work schedule around, sometimes even taking time off, to join us as a chaperone. From field trips to the trampolines, pool, museums, Mr. Leigh helps keep our kids’ safe, and helps ensure they have FUN!

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Pause. Celebrate. Together.

In front of her peers and community, Anna’s* mother and father begin their address to her, “Dear Anna—,” immediately they pause to collect themselves, their eyes welling up with tears. “We want to congratulate you on your first achievement in school. Your education is the best gift that we as parents can give you. We want you to keep on being a hardworking student, responsible, obedient, and respectful. We want you to fly high…because you have the opportunity and support from us. Our greatest pride is seeing you get an education. We love you.”

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Creating Together in Kids Club

Art workshop teaches students about themselves and the world!


 “How do you see yourself?… What do you love about your community?… What’s unique about your culture?… How do you see the world?” These were a few of the questions that our Kids Club students were asked during a creative arts and expression workshop that took place the last week in April. After a generous donation of hundreds of Neuland Markers, Casa mentor Erin Gordon – along with other volunteers – helped us develop a week long workshop for our kids to learn how to express themselves through art.


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