At Kids Club, our mission is to lay the foundation for the emergence of local leaders. We strive to create a safe, stable, and loving environment where children can receive the academic support they need and learn skills to build honoring relationships with one another. As they develop and discover their myriad talents, we hope as well they will grow in the truth, care, and love of God through Bible-based lessons, access to caring adults, and the formation of healthy friendships.



Experience the joy of planting seeds for our future leaders by getting involved at Kids Club. Give two hours per week on a weekday from 3:15–5:15 p.m. for one academic year. E-mail: kidsclubdirector@casachirilagua.org.



The first neighborhood program of Casa Chirilagua, Kids Club, began in an apartment as a handful of students and neighbors reading together after school. Since then, it has grown into a five day a week after school program providing a safe environment and a sense of belonging where students experience academic, emotional and spiritual support.


In Kids Club, 1st–5th grade students are provided an educational after-school program to help improve academic achievement and confidence.


Kids Club offers students:

  • daily homework help
  • daily reading support
  • character building activities
  • a healthy snack
  • fun fridays offering exposure to art, science, physical fitness, healthy cooking and community service
  • monthly field trips


These activities encourage students to hone their academic skills and find an accepting community where they belong. Kids Club is located in Chirilagua, providing proximate access to promote family involvement, building a bridge between our partners and neighborhood, and creating space for our community to shape its youngest members into its future leaders.


All elementary students enrolled in Kids Club are eligible to participate in our mentoring program, family dinner and celebration nights and summer programs that provide academic support to prevent scholastic regression.



Won’t you build relationships that empower tomorrow’s leaders?
Be a part of Kids Club by e-mailing: kidsclubdirector@casachirilagua.org.




When a Child is Brave and Courageous

This is not Andres’* typical Saturday morning. The alarm goes off very early. Waking up his first thought is that it must be a school day—it’s usually what happens when the alarm goes off this early. But his mom reminds him this is no school day. This is the day he will be speaking at City Hall! He and his mentor Michael* will be standing in front of Alexandria’s City Council to speak about Casa Chirilagua. This is a big day!


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Who Inspires You?

Kids Club student a winner of MLK Day drawing contest!

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day students at Mount Vernon participated in a drawing contest with the prompt “Who inspires you?” When he heard this question, 5th grader Carlos* knew immediately who he wanted to draw—Lionel Messi.  “He works hard and he really cares about people…and he’s an amazing soccer player. I want to be like him,” said Carlos when asked why he chose Messi.

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Kids Club visits the pumpkin patch!

Kids Club celebrates Fun Friday with a visit to the Burke Nursery & Garden Centre pumpkin patch!


Watch this video to experience the fun:

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Meet Lupita, one of your new local leaders!

If there is a familiar and friendly face in the Chirilagua community, it’s Lupita and her dear mom. A native to Alexandria, Lupita has lived in Chirilagua since she was born. Her heritage is found in the diverse foods of Honduras, something both Lupita and her mother enjoy sharing, cooking, and serving.


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