Our community-based mentoring program matches students enrolled in Casa Chirilagua programs with a caring adult mentor for a minimum of one year. We continually seek new mentors for the students on our mentoring waitlist, as we aim to match each student with a consistent mentor. While each relationship forms uniquely, most pairs spend their time on developing academic, social and emotional skills with special learning experiences interspersed. Along with boosting confidence by acquiring more academic skills, the individualized attention a child receives from a mentor increases a youth’s general sense of well-being. Mentors receive support from the Mentoring Director and the opportunity to experience their mentee’s growth and change. Throughout the year, Casa holds mentor workshops, mentor-mentee events, and other mentor social gatherings. We adopt the common saying, “Transform two lives through one mentor relationship.”

Every mentor is required to pass a series of background checks and complete two trainings.

If your child is registered in a Casa Chirilagua program, and is interested in being matched with a mentor, click here:

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