Teens Club

Teens Club offers evening and weekend extracurricular opportunities for middle school students (6th–8th grades), providing social and developmental support through group classes, and service-learning projects. Student participate in physical activities, receive homework help, participate in character building lessons and college readiness lessons, and attend field trips.

All enrolled middle school students are eligible to participate in our after school tutoring support opportunities, weekly Bible study and mentoring programs.

Casa to College

As adolescents mature and approach adulthood, they face decisions that impact their character and social development. Through Casa to College, we come alongside high school students in the Chirilagua community and help shape future leaders. The latest statistics show that two-thirds of all jobs require postsecondary education, and just under a quarter of Hispanics have a college degree, according to Excelencia in Education. The Casa to College program provides practical guidance and support for students hoping to attend college or a trade school. We offer drop-in hours at our center where high school students who are facing the added difficulty of virtual schooling can receive tutoring and other assistance from Casa staff. Through Casa to College, we have seen students not only graduate high school but also become the first in their family to attend college!

Bible Study

Casa Chirilagua brings students together every week who want to deepen their relationship with God and study the Bible together. We facilitate two Middle School Bible Studies for boys and girls as well as a co-ed High School Bible Study. These after-school Bible Study programs provide students with support and guidance while being equipped with life skills such as conflict resolution, financial literacy, and building healthy relationships. They also focus on spiritual tools to help them fully live out their God-given potential. Through these weekly meetings caring leaders and volunteers help students understand that God made them, he loves them, and he has a plan for their life.

Additionally, relationships are reinforced during an annual retreat where students and leaders spend time away from the daily grind to deepen relationships with God and each other.

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