Our community-based mentoring program matches students enrolled in Casa Chirilagua programs with a caring adult mentor. We continually seek new mentors for the students on our mentoring waitlist, as we aim to match each student with a consistent mentor. While each relationship forms uniquely, most pairs spend their time on developing academic, social and emotional skills with special learning experiences interspersed. Along with boosting confidence by acquiring more academic skills, the individualized attention a child receives from a mentor increases a youth’s general sense of well-being. Mentors receive support from the Mentoring Director and the opportunity to experience their mentee’s growth and change. We adopt the common saying, “Transform two lives through one mentor relationship.”


Every mentor is required to pass a series of background checks and complete two trainings. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, giving one hour a week to a child in our neighborhood with a commitment of at least one year, please apply to volunteer today.


When a Child is Brave and Courageous

This is not Andres’* typical Saturday morning. The alarm goes off very early. Waking up his first thought is that it must be a school day—it’s usually what happens when the alarm goes off this early. But his mom reminds him this is no school day. This is the day he will be speaking at City Hall! He and his mentor Michael* will be standing in front of Alexandria’s City Council to speak about Casa Chirilagua. This is a big day!


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One Mentorship Changing Many Lives

“I’m really surprised at the impact that Jose* and his family have had on me,” reflects Todd, a Casa Chirilagua mentor. It was a year ago that Todd attended an Alexandria Mentoring Partnership information session and considered whether or not to become a mentor with Casa Chirilagua. His initial thoughts were simply that, “Volunteering would be a few hours commitment per week.” What he found was something much deeper:

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2016 Mentoring Volunteer of the Year: Mr. Lee Ferron

As Mentoring Director I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and knowing Lee Ferron through his mentorship with Mario*. Their mentorship predates my role as mentoring director. Lee has been dedicated to his mentee, faithfully showing up week in and week out since Mario was in the 5th grade and in September, Mario will be a junior in high school! During my time as Mentoring Director, I have seen the level of dedication Lee exhibits in his mentorship. Lee spends an average of 19 hours per month with Mario (the minimum requirement for our program is 4 hours). He maintained this schedule and dedication while working full time in ministry and pursuing his Master’s Degree in Theological Studies at Wesley Theological Seminary.

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National Mentoring Month – Transforming Families

As a young woman living across the country from most of my family, I feel very fortunate to have found Casa Chirilagua and a new home away from home with my mentee and her family. My mentorship experience has not only been fun and allowed me to make meaningful relationships with people I would have never otherwise met, but my mentee and her family also have supported me and my own family through difficult times with love and prayer. I am so thankful to the hard-working Casa Chirilagua staff for my transformative experiences with my mentee!

This story was submitted by mentor Meredith Dost.

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  • Seeking 1-to-1 Mentors

    We are looking for 1-on-1 mentors who are passionate about being a positive role model in a child’s life and can provide a commitment of 1 year or more. Interest meetings, background check process and trainings happen on a rolling basis to prepare mentors for their new relationship. Commitment is minimum 1 hr per week, every week for a minimum of 1 year. You may choose a day that fits you and your mentee’s schedules.


    Apply to be a mentor