2010 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

2010 Casa Chiri Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

The 2010 Casa Chirilagua Volunteer Appreciation Dinner was held on August 26th, 2010.  Central American cuisine was served in appreciation of our over 100 volunteers representing over 20 differing church communities.  Mom’s Organic Market was recognized as the 2010 Partner Organization of the Year for the hundreds of pounds of fresh produce it donates to the Kids Club program each year.   Mr. Kevin Sparks was recognized as the 2010 Kids Club MVP of the Year for his daily presence and contribution to the after school program.   Mr. Tracy Rickett was recognized as the 2010 Casa Chirilagua Volunteer of the Year for his tireless support and dedication to the Kids Club program.   The theme of the evening was “One Body, Many Parts”, recognizing volunteers for their many contributions to Casa Chirilagua ranging from legal advisors to graphic designers.  We also celebrated the evening with a  slide show of photographs from the previous year’s activities, as well as a video montage of the 2010 Kids Club Summer Program.