2016 Kids Club Volunteer of the Year: Mrs. Andrea Lacey

Mrs. Andrea Lacey has been a Casa Chirilagua volunteer since 2012. We are proud to call her one of our veteran volunteers as all of our children know her well. Mrs. Lacey always arrives with a smile and willingness to serve at Kids Club wherever she is needed. She treats our students in a caring and positive way and one of her values is to treat others “as you would like to be treated.” When asked how she feels about  working with younger people, she responds, “When children are happy and have self-esteem they can accomplish more – and they tend to respond to others in a positive way, making the world a better place.”


And this is what Mrs. Lacey is about, “making the world a better place.” She does this tirelessly and faithfully by volunteering with Casa Chirilagua’s Kids Club every week. She generously gives of her time to serve for nearly 10 months out of the year – the duration of our Kids Club after-school program. Rain or shine Mrs. Lacey is a friendly face who our kids know and trust for help with reading or math homework.


A member of Beverley Hills United Methodist Church, she is working on learning Spanish, enjoys gardening, playing the piano, and traveling to new places. We are thankful for the kindness and support she offers our Casa Chirilagua children. It is for this reason, we celebrate and congratulate her as being chosen Kids Club Volunteer of the Year. Thank you Mrs. Lacey for always showing up with a smile! You are indeed making the “world a better place!”