A Parent’s Pride and Joy

Jun 17, 2016

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It’s been a busy month for parents at Kids Club! In preparation for the Kids Club 5th grade graduation celebration they’ve been holding planning meetings, coordinating activities, devising student dress codes, purchasing and making food, decorating…and let’s not forget the piñata!

Graduations weren’t always this busy for parents. In spring 2014, the Kids Club parent committee envisioned a new approach to 5th grade graduations. Instead of a party put on solely by Kids Club staff, parents envisioned a party for the students sponsored by their parents and supported by Casa Chirilagua. Our staff thought this was a great idea! Parents then took the ball and ran with it. 

For the past three years the Kid’s Club 5th grade graduation celebration has been a highlight of the year for children, families, mentors, staff and volunteers. This year’s event was no exception.

The evening began with junior Kids Club students presenting photo collages to the 5th grade graduates, highlighting their many memorable years at Kids Club. The young students gave speeches thanking them for help with reading and homework, recognizing their roles as leaders, giving them kudos for years of comic relief, and saying heartfelt goodbyes.

Each 5th grade graduate was then called forward in front of the community to be read a personal letter by their parents. Expressions of each parent’s pride and joy were in the air while speaking about their love for their children, the many attributes they appreciate about them, and the lifelong support of their children’s accomplishments.

“I never had the opportunity to study past 3rd grade.” Magdali shared in the presence of her daughter with the greater Kids Club family. “Now, to see my own daughter graduating from the 5th grade fills me with great pride. I am grateful to God and to the staff and volunteers at Kids Club to have this opportunity to celebrate this moment with my daughter. It is my desire that she continue in her studies to finish high school and go to college.” 

Many of the graduating students’ Casa mentors were also present, several of whom have been walking with these students and their families for years. Tears of joy were shed by parents, mentors, staff and students alike in this beautiful fabric of community. 

Students were presented with a Kids Club certificate followed by a photo presentation reflecting memories of the past 5 years of Kids Club. After this it was time to celebrate, and what celebration would be complete without food? Everyone feasted on a Central American buffet provided by the Kids Club Parent Committee!  

We proudly congratulate our 5th grade graduates for their years of hard work. We also express our gratitude to the amazing parents of Kids Club for another meaningful community celebration.

*Names are changed to respect privacy of individuals. 


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