Adventures in Leadership-Kid’s Club Visits the Pumpkin Patch

The phrase “pushed out of the nest” usually does not conjure up the image of a pumpkin patch with thirty five kids and fifteen volunteers in tow.  To be fair though, the three local leaders required little to no pushing two Fridays ago as they embarked upon their first field trip without Miss Liz. In fact, local leader Walter Urbina gladly volunteered to lead the trip. Clipboard in hand, back-up snack in bus, emergency forms binder in backpack, sharpies for writing names of freshly selected pumpkins tucked under an arm,

Walter led the students and volunteers out to the Burke Pumpkin Playground (see the photos here ) for Kids Club’s monthly field trip.  Thanks to the teamwork of all three local leaders and accompanying volunteers, the kids had a wonderful time at the playground, even when one of the buses broke down and kids needed to stay at the park an extra hour! Instead, they enjoyed a second snack and extra playtime at the calm word of their leaders, oblivious to the issue.


We’re so thankful for the initiative and flexibility of our volunteers, students, local leaders, and man of the hour — Walter!