Are they Kids Club Kids?

As we’ve shared before, our volunteers are the heart of everything we do. Without them, our programs would not exist. We like sharing stories about Casa Chirilagua experiences from the perspective of volunteers. Listen to this Kids Club volunteer’s story of how our kids are building a positive reputation for what it means to be a Kids Club kid.

“It was only our 3rd day of Movement Lab, so Mr. Adrian and I were still learning children’s names and setting up our protocols with the kids. Our warm up that day was a big tag game on the playground. We didn’t quite know what to expect since the boundaries we had set up were new to most of the children. When I said “go” they began running in every direction in order to escape the taggers.”


“Just then the gate opened and a toddler ran on to the playground. Her folks were struggling to get a stroller and an infant up the steps, so the toddler ran in first. Luckily, one of our Leaders In Training (LIT) teens acted quickly. I heard her yelling “look out for the baby!”

“The Kids Club kids near her did stop, but many others who were running at full tilt around the rest of the space didn’t. I blew my whistle so they could all hear me and to my delight everyone froze in their tracks! Our kids stood still and waited while the family maneuvered past us and on to the far side of the playground.”

“Wow. I was so proud of them for their quick response and for the LIT student’s quick actions. Later the mom asked me if they were Kids Club kids and when I said “yes” – she said “They did a great job!”

I told the kids later that this type of thing is what makes them a true Kids Club kid.”

– Martha L.