Beginning New Journeys

The new semester of YHI (Yo Hablo Ingles English Language Learning classes) has launched! Adults from the community filled our entryway as they lined up for orientation. Excitement swirled through the winter air as many new students arrived to begin this new journey. By the end of the semester they will have gained important English skills, learned through collaboration and engaged in leadership building exercises.


Graduates from the previous semester of YHI were also in theĀ mix of students choosing to continue their educational journeys. According to one, “Now when I listen to people on the street, I recognize the words we have been learning. When I leave class, I feel motivated. As I get home, I tell my children, ‘Today, I learned this…I’ve taken classes, but now I feel I’m learning.”


Thanks to your support we are walking alongside our neighbors as they begin new journeys. Through those new journeys, we build new relationships and with those continuing on the journey, we continue to develop relationships that go deeper and stronger, in our relationship with God and one another.