Break out the Donuts

I went to a birthday party in the neighborhood this evening for a little 10-year-old named Blanka. She is quite the little cutie and very smart! One of the first things she said to me when I walked in the door was, “Ms. D, What do I have to do to get into Kids Club? I went on Friday and Ms. Emily let me stay. It was so much fun but we still learned.” I said, “Well, Blanka, we can’t accept anyone else until we find volunteers and find a bigger space. We only have 9 kids in Kids Club and we already have 11 on the waiting list not including you. Now, would you be willing to walk over to the Cora Kelly Recreation Center with me and ask the director if he’ll let us use some space.” She replied, “Yeah, I’m good at that. I’ll take him donuts.” Two of her friends who were new acquaintances for me also chimed in that they would like to go to Kids Club as well. I pray that we will find some available space within walking distance of the neighborhood and hope that we will find the volunteers needed to get all these kids the help they need to succeed in their education.