Building Relationships Through Fun

It was a humid day. The sun was in the sky shining its powerful heat upon the blacktop behind Casa Chirilagua. Kids Club had one solution: water fight! First students split into 4 teams with their leaders standing right in the middle. Yes, they were surrounded by Kids Club students armed with water balloons and buckets of water. After a moment of silence and giggling, we shouted, “Get ready…set….GO!!” What came next was one. Epic. Waterfight.


During the school year, our Kids Club team plans lessons, manages behaviors, organizes, coordinates and does everything they can do to create the best program possible for our students. At the end of this long year, there is something so simple and freeing about being able to run around and throw water balloons at one another. We all enjoy splashing, spraying and laughing until our stomachs hurt.


At the end of the day Casa is always about relationships. Usually they’re built as a leader helps a student through a tough book, coaches another through a hard situation with a friend or connects with their family during a family dinner night. But today, relationships were built as we battled our friends with over 450 water balloons! And what better way to celebrate a year with friends then a water balloon fight?!


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