Chiri Moments: Playing Pretend

We’re happy to introduce a new Neighborhood News series called “Chiri Moments” — fun, upbeat stories reporting recent happenings from the neighborhood.


Our first story took place when Adriana, our Mentor Director, visited a family to teach guitar lessons to a mother. After settling in, Adriana noticed a sign on the wall, one with numbers and the other read:

No Running

Please Be Respectful


Adriana turned to the student and asked, “Gabriela, what is that sign on the wall? Were you playing school?”

She responded.  “Oh, my friend and I were playing Kids Club! Sometimes I was Ms. Liz  and my friend was a Kids Club kid. Then we would switch.”


Adriana was encouraged to hear that Gabriela enjoyed her time at Kids Club so much that she was sharing her experience with her friend.


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