Drop off donations for Parent Committee yard sale – May 11

Our active neighborhood Parent Committee is collecting items, May 11, for a yard sale  they are hosting in Chirilagua. This group of parents is demonstrating incredible initiative and dedication to serving and empowering the families of Kids Club. Please join us in supporting them as they raise funds to support Kids Club and family activities.

The proceeds of this sale will help make field trips and other Parent Committee activities more affordable or free for our neighborhood families. In June, the Parent Committee is organizing a free trip to Sandy Point, Maryland. In October, they are paying $40 of the $50 registration fee for Congresso Kids, a Christian children’s rally.

Please join us in supporting the parents by donating gently used items (i.e. furniture, children’s toys/books, clothing, electronics, etc.) that our parents can sell at the yard sale. Drop off your items the morning of the sale.

We’ll be receiving items at Maid to Clean (3637 Russell Road Alexandria, VA 22305) on the day of the sale, May 11, from 7 to 9am. If you have any questions please call or email Julio (julio@casachirilagua.org, 571-839-3045).