D’s Corner

Dear Casa Chiri Family,


The summer has announced its arrival with temperatures exceeding well over 100 degrees and the balmy temperatures brought with it a nasty storm which left many residents of Chirilagua and the greater DC area without power (ie, air conditioning) for days. Over the past few weeks we saw our 5th Grade students promoted to middle school, our six InterVarsity summer interns arrived, a group of boys attended FCA soccer camp, Kids Club students attended VBS, a group of 4th/5th grade students attended Camp Bennett and a group of 7th grade students attended Wyldlife Camp at North Bay. Thus far, it has been an eventful summer, and we still have three more weeks to go!


Perhaps the most exciting piece of news to share this month is that we have added a new staff member to the Casa Chirilagua team. Thanks to your generous contributions, we were able to hire a Middle School Director to launch our Middle School program this fall. Adriana Gomez first came to Casa Chirilagua as a volunteer from Grace Community Church. She helped lead a Kids Club choir in the spring of 2011. Whenever there was a Casa Chirilagua event, Adriana was there. In the spring of 2012, Adriana applied to become a Casa Chirilagua mentor, stepped up as a 4th/5th grade girls Bible study leader, and took a week of vacation to be trained and participate in the CCDA Immersion course in Chicago. Adriana has experience as a tutor, educator and a supervisor and brings joy, commitment and enthusiasm to the table. Moreover, after an interview with the parent committee, the committee unanimously voted to invite Adriana to come and work with their students. We are very excited to have Adriana join the Casa Chirilagua team.


The search for a Kids Club director is still moving along. Please be in prayer for us in this process. We hope to announce the arrival of our new Kids Club Director in the August newsletter.


Many blessings,