D’s Corner: Vote for Casa Chiri

November 8th is just around the corner and the DC area as well as the nation is bustling with activity investing in campaigns, watching debates and engaging in political discussion. Many watch in anticipation, some hopeful and others apathetic, as they try to select the leadership that will lead the nation through challenging times.The political energy is hard to miss in Alexandria as we sit in the shadow of the capital.

A little over a week ago, Casa Chirilagua held its Young Professionals for Casa Chirilagua event in which we prompted DC YPs to consider voting for a Casa kid with their time, talent and treasure this fall. Political candidates make promises that may or may not come to fruition. However, these kids have promise and dreams that truly could be realized right before our eyes if we just engage and invest.

Josue Amaya, one of our students in the poster below, is in the Talented And Gifted (TAG) math program at his school and loves science. His dream is to design computers for Intel. Josue began his fascination with engineering and space after a trip he took to the Air and Space museum with his mentor, John. John votes for Josue’s dreams every week by showing up for an hour and investing in this boy’s amazing mind.

During a meeting last week at the local elementary school with school administration and support staff, we were affirmed when a social worker vouched for the value of the support Casa Chirilagua provides to many families from the Chirilagua neighborhood, asking us to do whatever possible to keep in contact with as many families as possible.

Much like a political campaign, it takes a team of talented people who believe in the mission and purpose, giving generously of talents, time and treasure to make this ministry happen on a daily basis. We pray that you would consider becoming a part of this team. If you already are, consider telling someone else about what you see happening through Casa Chirilagua and ask them to get involved. This fall, please consider voting for Casa Chirilagua with your talents, time and treasure to support dreams, fulfill the promise of a future and most of all see God’s Kingdom here on earth.


Dawnielle and the Casa Chiri Family