Families and Adults

Casa Chirilagua’s family strengthening programming provides families with safe spaces to engage in community dialogue, share achievements, strengthen parent/child communication and serve in a leadership capacity to promote the well-being of the family through:


Language (¡Yo hablo inglés!) and Literacy Classes: Providing educational opportunities for adults in the community who want to learn oral English skills and/or Spanish literacy skills. Inquire about enrollment


Additional Classes: Computer literacy and nutrition classes are also offered to adults in the community. Computer classes teach basic skills essential to computer and internet usage. Nutrition classes empower parents to make healthy and feasible decisions for themselves or their families whether it be in the kitchen or the grocery store. Inquire about enrollment


Family dinners: Partner churches, friends, small groups, work colleagues and local organizations host monthly family dinners for Kids Club families in an effort to celebrate community and unity over a shared meal. These dinners allow families to share accomplishments—such as good grades—and engage in meaningful discussion about their family and the community. Host a family dinner


Family Strengthening: In partnership with SCAN and ACPS’s FACE program, we offer a seven week family strengthening curriculum for Middle School students and their parents offering families tools to improve respect and communication within the family unit.


Cooperative de Padres (Parent Committee): Through the Cooperative de Padres all Club parents meet monthly to support and encourage one another as they work together for the wellbeing of their children and the greater community. These monthly meetings provide an opportunity for parents to:


  • Hear about community resources available to parents and their families
  • Share pertinent information related to the health and wellbeing of their family
  • Work together in to support the development of their children and the Kids Club program
  • Plan annual events and outings to strengthen bonds within and among Kids Club families


Directive de Padres (Parent Leaders/Officers): The Cooperative de Padres elects the Directive de Padres (a parent leadership board) annually to serve as the leaders and coordinators of the parent group. The leadership board meets monthly, guiding and directing the topics and activities of the parent group.

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