From Trouble Maker to Avid Reader

Pablo is one of those kids who can make even the most seasoned child care professional consider another career path. When his mom asked if he could be part of our after school tutoring efforts, we were excited to accept him. Within a few months I was telling Emily that he just needed to be kicked out of the program due to his terrible behavior. He was a problem and a distraction for the other children.

However, Emily was patient, continued praying and chose to love him in he midst of his behavior challenges. He interrupted during lesson time. He regularly refused to go to the time out chair after he was given three strikes. During homework time, even with help, he wouldn’t even try to read the directions on his assignment. When it was reading time he refused to even attempt to read. He would only listen with distraction.

You can imagine my amazement when during a dinner conversation, our summer intern, who is studying to be a teacher said, “I think Pablo, of all the kids, might be the one who enjoys reading the most. When you have him one-on-one, he gives it his all and really pushes through to sound out words.” I almost fell off my chair. Could this be the same kid I tried to help with his homework in our apartment two years ago? The same kid who refused to do his work and was completely taxed by sounding out a few words and then would give up? Through the dedication and grace Emily offered, this young man has transitioned into an avid reader.