Go Parents!

Kids Club is proud to announce its first ever official Parent Board, complete with elected officers!  The Directiva de Padres (Parent Board) was launched in March.  Roger Reyes is serving as President, with Roger Arias as VP, Isabel Machuca as Secretary, and Juana Martinez as Treasurer.  While the Board exists to support and act as a sounding board to the Kids Club director, the parents also have some pretty ambitious plans of their own. Their ideas for the upcoming months include a Mother’s Day Celebration, A Father’s Day Celebration, a Children’s Day Celebration (a Central American tradition they want to pass on to their kids), and a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.   In order to fund these celebrations, the parents also have lots of plans, including food sales, a yard sale, a car wash, and lots of rifas (raffles – very popular in Chirilagua!).   In fact, they just completed their first rifa – it was for a microwave and brought in a $372 profit.   Way to go Directiva de Padres, we look forward to seeing more of your efforts come to fruition this year!