He is Risen!

In preparation for Holy Week, Kids Club has been learning all about the Easter Story.  We’ve studied the story in the Jesus Story Book Bible together, we’ve watched a children’s version on DVD, and we’ve explored the story through a set of Resurrection Eggs.  Each of the kids also received a gift from Pastor Sara:  their own copy of a children’s book that tells the Easter Story.  Before leaving for Spring Break, we gave a copy of a Spanish Easter Scripture Scavenger Hunt for the parents to do at home with their children.  In the hunt, the families will look up Bible verses that give them clues to piece the Easter story together.  Why so many activities focused on this one story?  Because we believe the Gospel to be the Greatest Story ever told and our prayer is that, through all of these activities, the Truth and Hope of the Resurrection will break into many hearts this Easter season.   He is Risen!