I go to CVS!

Jun 23, 2010

“Ms. D!” he called to me.   “Ms. Daniela, I, I, I, I.”  He was struggling to get through his little kindergarten stutter.  “Ms. Daniela!” with even more excitement this time, “I, I, I…I go to CVS!”  He pushed through the final sentence and communicated his message.   He looked up at me with a big smile on his face.   I responded, “That’s exciting.   Are you going to buy something special when you are there, like a candy bar?!?”   He looked at me with a confused expression.   Then he attempted a second time, “Ms. Daniela, I, I, I go to CVS!   The bus come here and take me to CVS.   The bus come on Monday and I, I, I, I go to CVS this year.”   The pieces in my head started coming together.   We were going to VBS at Alexandria Presbyterian the following week and he was registered and excited!  He was not old enough to go the previous year but this year he was going to be a big kid and ride the bus to CVS!   I looked at him and said, “Oh, you mean VBS!   Yes, we will be going to VBS next week and the church will come pick us up in their bus.  Are you excited?”  He shook his head profusely and smiled up at me.   He was one of the first in line the following Monday morning.  We ended up taking 26 students to VBS each day with very few absences.   I am sure that Mr. CVS is already excited for next year.

The High Seas - APC VBS - Summer 2010

The High Seas - APC VBS - Summer 2010

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