Ice Skating (and Falling): Try, try again!

What better way to enjoy the cold weather we were having here in the DC area than ice skating? For January’s special field trip, Kids Club went to Pentagon Row’s ice skating rink. At first, one glance at the rink, and it could have been mistaken for a battlefield–kids falling, crashing into one another, grappling the railings for dear life. But some minutes later, the kids began to get the hang of this slippery replacement. Hand in hand, child and volunteer navigated the ice with increasing ease. If you fall, pick yourself up, and try, try again. That was the mantra for the afternoon!

The kids took a break to sip some warm hot chocolate and nibble on some popcorn. They were also warmed up from donning new  mitten, hat and scarf sets that Restoration Anglican Church so lovingly provided for each of our Kids Club kids.

A few bruises later (or battle scars), we packed up the bus and went home, tired but happy with accomplishments on the ice. See you next winter, ice skating rink!