Introducing the Kids Club Honor Code!

We are impressed daily with how our students exhibit the qualities outlined in the new Kids Club Honor Code. One day, Roberto* slowly approached a staff member to say, “Miss Maralee, I think I owe you an apology for being disrespectful to you the other day.”  We are so proud of our students as they increase in self-awareness and develop the courage to make amends.

Facilitated by Kids Club staff members and designed by Local Leader Walter Urbina, the new Honor Code was developed with input from the students and is posted at Kids Club for all to see.

Our hope is that the Honor Code will help our students continue to grow into compassionate leaders in their community. Each Kids Club student received a small honor code card to sign at the launch ceremony, where special visitor Erika Trujillo led a discussion on honor.

The Honor Code is helping our kids, volunteers and staff hold each other accountable for being kind and respectful with each other, in their families, and in their community.