It’s May and Emily Says…

May 17, 2011

In April, Kids Club did some serious spring-cleaning! The kids spent an afternoon cleaning up the facilities and grounds of our Kids Club location, Beverly Hills United Methodist Church. From washing fingerprints off walls and doors to weeding the gardens, the kids really cleaned things up!

When told that her cleaning shift was up and that she was free to go outside and play, one of our first graders didn’t want to stop. She replied, “I want to keep cleaning, because this is God’s house!” To compliment our spring cleaning project, the students all designed and created cement mosaic garden stones to beautify our community. Top notch job Kids Club!

Kids Club also learned about the Easter Story: about God’s great love, Jesus’ great sacrifice, and the great Hope that we all have in the empty tomb. Their favorite part was guessing which objects were in the Resurrection Eggs as we opened them one by one to tell the Easter Story.

During their April Intersession and Spring Break vacation many of our students accepted the Kids Club Challenge. During their break, 14 students completed various reading and math activities, as well as a Family Easter Project. We will be celebrating their hard work this month with a trip to a National’s Game. Go Nats!

To wrap up April, we celebrated with a field trip to play mini-golf. The kids had some mad putt-putt skills and had a great time playing with their friends and volunteer leaders.

Finally, the kids put together the Kids Club Talent Show II. It showcased acting, singing, playing the violin, cheer leading stunts, meringue dancing, scarf juggling, Taekwondo, and a volunteers’ silly aerobic routine! It was a great time for families to come see what mad skills their kids have!

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