Join us for the 3rd Annual 5K Charity Run for Casa! [archive post]




2016 Casa Chirilagua 5k information & sign-ups can be found at


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2014 5k: On the move to broaden its outreach, Christ the King, Grace Community and Downtown Baptist churches have come together for the third annual 5K  charity run to encourage physical fitness throughout Alexandria and support Casa Chirilagua. The exciting sports event welcomes all ages within the Alexandria community to participate. Youngsters are encouraged to race in the 1K Kids Run, and there is a stroller category for runners with little ones.


Folks who would like to participate can sign up as an individual or team-ie: small group, family, friends or colleagues. Contenders will have the chance to win prizes for the overall race or in one of six age categories: stroller category, under 12, 13-17, 18-35, 35-50 and 50 and over. Start gearing up for the race today and build your team!  Casa Chiri staff are super charged about the 5K and will be warming up with you as we get fit for the race! Stay tuned on our website for exercise tips, staff and community race preparation photos, a helpful 5K checklist and the amazing prizes that will be awarded on race day. Let’s go,vámonos, Alexandria!