Julia’s Girl Talk

The women of Casa Chirilagua were headed out for a game of basketball with a few women from the neighborhood. As our wonderful InterVarsity intern, Laura, headed out to play, young, almost 8 years old, Julia grabbed her hand. “I don’t want to play basketball. Let’s stay here and have girl talk.” Laura, always quick to respond to children, asked, “Well, what should we talk about?” With a grin that lit up this side of DC, Julia responded, “Let’s talk about Jesus!”

Julia lives with her mother and 8 others in a two-bedroom apartment just a few buildings over from where we live. They have been so welcoming to our household, and have been faithful friends since the original three girls of Casa Chirilagua moved in the summer of 2007. Julia’s regular attendance at Kids Club has given her a chance at academic success as well as given her an introduction to Jesus, someone she is now eager to talk about during girl talk with a very special intern.