Kids Club and the ARTS

This has been the month for the arts at Kids Club. From pastel murals to glass garden stones, from singing to acting, the kids have been creatively busy!

Pastel Murals

The kids learned how to use oil pastels as they each colored a piece from Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and from a mural of a butterfly. Not only did they fast decide that they much preferred the smooth richness of oil pastels from crayons, but they also were able to see the unique beauty in the finished product of so many different styles coming together to create one art work. That’s what we look like when we’re together: beautiful.

Our Beautiful Neighborhood

Kids Club is working on a community art project to beautify community spaces. Margo Terry, Kids Club volunteer, taught the kids to design garden stones with various pieces of glass and marble. The kids had fun creating their own designs and getting their fingers in some wet cement! The garden stones will be placed somewhere in the neighborhood–a way to beautify and claim the place as their own.

Chorus and Drama

Also starting this week, for the first time, are the Kids Club Chorus (Mondays) and Drama (Wednesdays) groups. We have two very talented volunteers (Michelle Seo and Margo Terry) with amazing hearts who are leading the groups. We hope and pray that through singing and through acting, our kids would build their God-given gifts and find their voice through the arts. Stay tuned for more stories on this front!