Kids Club Choir and Drama has begun!

It’s been over a month since we started Choir and Drama groups, and it’s been a fantastic start. Here’s what our teachers have to say…

Kids Club Choir

This Spring in Alexandria you will hear more than birds singing.  You can hear the voices of children joined together in song.  The kids are learning about music and how to put their minds and voices together to create art and spread joy.  They are off to a great start and gave an excellent first performance after only a month of practice.  We are looking forward to learning harmony and rhythm.  They will sing some classical, gospel, modern, and oldies.  Their love for music and eagerness to perform are sure to bring great things from the group.

– Michelle Seo

Kids Club Drama

I have recently been lucky enough to meet a group of very talented young people interested in acting. At “auditions” I saw an amazing transformation….. many of these kids came out of their shells and showed a side of themselves that I’m not sure they even knew existed.  I was so impressed, actually, amazed may be a better word, by what I have seen and experienced these first few weeks. Lately it seems that some of these wonderfully talented kids have forgotten just how amazing they are, just how wonderful, talented, and gifted they are when it comes to acting.  It is my hope and my prayer that they will each continue to pursue the incredible gifts that God has bestowed on them! Please encourage and pray for these wonderful young actors as we attempt to put on our first production.
– Margo Terry