Kids Club: Skating to Success

Once again, this month Kids Club has lots to celebrate. We celebrated the kids’ great behavior and hard work with a field trip to the Pentagon Row Ice Skating Rink. Ice Skating is always one of the kids’ favorite excursions of the year, and it is one of my favorites as well. It is always so fun to watch them transition from a shaky start with desperate grasps at the wall to a confident glide as they do laps solo around the rink, grinning from ear to ear (click below to see more!).

This month we also celebrate because, not only did our kids experience great breakthroughs on the skating rink, but they also experienced some major breakthroughs in their reading. Ten of our first and second graders receiving special reading intervention (who were all below grade level in November) have just been retested at their school and 9 of them are now on grade-level, or right on the cusp of grade-level! That is a major victory and reason to rejoice! So much so, in fact, that the school has decided to transition to math intervention during their Kids Club slot. We invite you to join with us in celebration and prayers of thanksgiving to God who has been faithful to bring this fruit in the progress of our kiddos!