Kings Dominion

By Adriana

On August 21st, Dawnielle and I, Adriana, took four of our middle school students to Kings Dominion to reward their hard work over the previous school year.The trip was a blast and a success (since it was the first trip I had the opportunity to lead). Maria was unstoppable on the rollercoasters and Omar, who was nervous to ride some coasters because he’d never ridden on one, ended up riding 4 roller coasters! Dara and Bella took a liking to the alien spaceship rollercoaster (which was a completely indoor and dark rollercoaster). All four kids behaved very well, even when we all got drenched on the River Rapids ride. It was a great way to end the summer and a wonderful time to get to know some of our middle schoolers. I can’t wait to begin working with them in our middle school program!