Local Leaders

Our Local Leader program is a unique experience for young adults who live in the Chirilagua community and attend college to gain:


  • part-time job experience
  • professional development and training
  • professional mentoring
  • support for continuing education


These young people are passionate about building up and giving back to their community. As an integral part of the Kids Club program, Local Leaders run our afterschool program under the guidance of the Kids Club Director. At Kids Club, they provide academic, emotional, and spiritual support to our students by helping with homework completion and providing reading support while also being a caring, listening ear as our students navigate life. Local Leaders are role models to our elementary students instilling leadership qualities through activities that boost confidence and allow children to recognize their God-given gifts. The local leadership program was developed as the first initiative of Casa Chirilagua’s strategic direction for years 2014-2017 and continues to this day.


If you are interested in providing professional development coaching (resume writing/job interviewing skills, etc) for these students, please email info@casachirilagua.org.


If you are interested in providing bi-weekly professional mentorship to a college aged students, please email mentoring@casachirilagua.org.