Meet Jennifer, One of Our Three Local Leaders

Jennifer Zambrano has worn many hats at Casa Chirilagua over the years. First as a Kids Club volunteer, then as a summer intern, last fall she joined the Casa staff as Kids Club Assistant Director, and over this past spring and summer she invested in the development of the Casa Chirilagua Strategic Direction plan.  We are delighted she has returned to work at Kids Club for another year and will be participating in the new Local Leaders program.  Jennifer is already owning her role at Kids Club as the leader of the reading room and we celebrate her growth in confidence over several years of service at Casa Chirilagua.


Here are some fun facts Jennifer would like to share about herself:


  • I enjoy helping my community, especially those in need at dire times.


  • I love to travel.


  • I enjoy outdoor activities. Camping is one of my favorites.


Please join us in celebrating Jennifer’s second year as a Kids Club staff member!