Meet Lupita, one of your new local leaders!

If there is a familiar and friendly face in the Chirilagua community, it’s Lupita and her dear mom. A native to Alexandria, Lupita has lived in Chirilagua since she was born. Her heritage is found in the diverse foods of Honduras, something both Lupita and her mother enjoy sharing, cooking, and serving.


Lupita anxiously awaited our call to hear if she would be accepted into the Local Leader Program. Much to her joy, she was thrilled to hear she had made it! She wanted to work with Casa because she believes, “Casa Chirilagua would give me an opportunity to work with new people and be in a new environment.”  What she has most enjoyed about working with the kids at Kids Club is that, “they’re just so loving and caring.”


When asked what she enjoys doing…semi-bashfully she stated, “I like to write poetry.” And she paused, quickly her friends and colleagues replied for her, “She also likes reading and writing.” To which she nodded then added, “And I like helping my mom.”


Lupita just started her first year as a Freshman in college. She is going to Northern Virginia Community College where she is interested in studying Criminal Justice. As a Local Leader she hopes to improve her leadership skills as well as her problem-solving skills.