A Mentor’s Favorite Moment

We cherish the stories that mentors share with us about their experiences, what they learned, and the progress with their mentees. Here’s an excerpt from a mentor that volunteered over the 2013-14 year:


My favorite moment in June was when my mentee and I were on our way to the library last week. I asked her how it has been going now that school is out. She said, “I really miss school.” I asked what she misses the most, and she sighed really heavily and said “The learning.” What a great kid!


I love reading these little treasure stories that happen between our mentors and mentees every month. There’s something special that happens when you mentor a child: your life changes. Whether it be hearing the colorful perspective of the world from your mentee or the challenge of unwrapping your mentee’s passions when they say they’re not good at anything. Your life is forever changed for the better.


At least that’s what our Casa Chiri mentors unanimously say. During the summer, we’ve had a surge of potential mentors. Since the beginning of June, I’ve had EIGHT interviews with future mentors. What a blessing! However, with the addition of new students to Kids Club, this still leaves us with 15 kids in the waiting list to have a mentor. If you or someone you know would like to be one of the 15 mentors we need (and have your life changed for the better), please email me at adriana@casachirilagua.org. The next little treasure story I read could be yours!



– Adriana, Mentoring Director