Mentors on Mentoring by Lee Ferron

January is National Mentoring Month! Casa Chirilagua has over 40 incredible mentors who each give their time and energy every week to one unique student. Throughout this month we’ll be sharing what some of our mentors have to say about mentoring with Casa Chirilagua.

Casa Chirilagua Mentoring Match

Mentors on Mentoring by Lee Ferron

1. I became a Casa Chirilagua mentor because… I wanted to make a personal difference in someone’s life.

2. The best part about being a Casa Chirilagua mentor is… the community of other mentors and mentees that we can collaborate with – we’re not just doing this on our own!

3. The coolest thing my mentee has taught ME is… how to do some crazy soccer moves from 20 years ago that I’d forgotten!

– Lee


Casa Chirilagua is always looking for more mentors! When you mentor a child, two lives are changed. Please consider getting to know one of the 18 students on our current waiting list. Download our FAQs here then email Adriana Gomez, Mentoring Director (, to get started.

If you’re already a mentor with Casa Chirilagua or another organization, encourage a friend or family member to become a mentor during National Mentoring Month by sharing your story or our posts on Facebook and Twitter.