“Ms. Adriana, Ms. Adriana!! When am I getting my mentor?”

Mentors and Mentees at the End of Year Celebration – 2013


“Ms. Adriana, Ms. Adriana!! When am I getting my mentor?”

“Ms. Adriana, Ms. Adriana!! Who is going to be my mentor?”

These are the only questions our kids ask me when I visit Kids Club. Five of our students were matched with their new mentors last week and we have four more matches to make in the coming weeks – Praise God!

Our thirteen students who remain on the waiting list, eagerly await their turn as they wait for more volunteers to apply for our mentoring program. If you or anyone you know are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact me (adriana@casachirilagua.org) – we have thirteen students who would love to have a mentor.

Even though we still need more mentors, our current forty-six matches are thriving and flourishing! After many mentors asked for more social opportunities with other mentors, mentees and their families, we decided to organize a Thanksgiving potluck lunch on Nov. 16th at 1:00pm at Fairlington Presbyterian Church (3846 King St. Alexandria, VA 22305). If you are a current mentor, please join us along with your mentee and his/her family for a shared meal and time to get to know others from our mentoring community. Please sign up here by Friday, Nov. 8th.