Ms. D and the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket

We had just finished up Bible study and were on our way to walk several of the students to their homes when I remembered that I had forgotten to distribute something to the somewhat new but faithful attendees. I ran back over to my car and pulled out 8 slips of paper from my workbag. There was nothing particularly interesting about these plain white strips of paper. I stopped on the sidewalk and asked the boys to gather around because I had something important to give them. ‘What is it?” cried one of the boys. I replied, “An invitation…” and before I could even finish the announcement another young man doubled over with excitement and began shouting rapidly and repeatedly with incredible joy, “It’s an invitation to Kids Club! It’s an invitation to Kids Club! We get to be in Kids Club! We get to be in Kids Club!” As soon as the other boys processed what he was saying, they all began celebrating. I felt like I was Willy Wonka handing out golden tickets to enter the mysterious chocolate factory. I calmed the boys down and when I had their full attention (which wasn’t hard because they were so excited to be a part of Kids Club that they wanted to hear every detail), I told them it was an invitation for them and their parents to come to the Kids Club “newcomers” registration meeting and then I proceeded to hand out the slips of paper. The rejoicing began all over again. What an incredible blessing it is to be a part of this wonderful thing that God is doing in this neighborhood getting to witness moments like this. I am so excited for these boys and I know there are incredible things in store for them this coming year. However, it breaks my heart that there is still a waiting list of students who we will be turning away, yet again, this coming year. It is my continual prayer that God will provide the people, space and financial resources that this will one day no longer be a problem, that all who seek to be a part of this ministry would be offered the opportunity to participate and perhaps find the One who makes it all possible.