My teacher is going to be so happy with me!

One of the perks of my job as Executive Director and co-leader of the Leaders in Training (LIT) program is the opportunity to visit Kids Club twice a week. On some days, once I get my LIT students settled in and on task, I get the wonderful pleasure of sitting down and working with a Kids Club student on his/her homework.

On Monday, I had the pleasure of working with a new student, Pedro, who was referred to Casa Chirilagua by Mount Vernon Community School. It was his first week at Kids Club and he was still learning the ropes. I sat down with him and we diligently worked through his Math homework. When he completed his work for the day, a look of shock, amazement and pride came over his face all at the same time as he exclaimed, “I finished my homework! I finished my homework! My teacher is going to be so happy with me!” Wide eyed and all smiles, he returned his homework and notebook to his bookbag.

It was as if this was a first for him. He was so proud of his accomplishment and we are too! Moments like these remind me why we are called to love children from our neighborhood in this very tangible way.

Welcome to the Casa family, Pedro! One homework assignment down, many more to go!

– Dawnielle