New Quintango partnership is a positive influence on Kids Club students

Tango students at Quintango performance

Due to exposure provided through Spring2Action, Casa Chirilagua has been blessed to build new partnerships in the community. One new opportunity, tango dance classes, presented itself through a  partnership with local music group, Quintango. Tango lessons provided a confidence building activity for all students who desired to participate.

Kids Club students at Quintango performance

Maria was one student who benefited from confidence building she gained through her participation in Tango classes. On a beach field trip, Maria shared that she did not know how to swim. By the end of our afternoon at the beach she could swim underwater and was working on freestyle and the back stroke. ¬†When asked how she was able to work at swimming until she was successful she replied, “It is like tango. I was scared at first. I just trusted myself and kept working at it until I was able to do it.”

We are so thankful for this opportunity provided for our students through Quintango. It certainly made a difference in the confidence of Maria!

Quintango performance