Not Your Average Bridal Shower

Mujeres de Virtud meets monthly to share stories and Jesus with a growing group of Latina women, many of whom do not attend church or profess a relationship with the Lord. Emily Snyder has been a large part of getting this group started here in Alexandria and inviting our neighbors to take part. With Emily’s upcoming wedding, it was decided to have a wedding shower for her at the August meeting.

The shower was complete with a potluck of delicious food, cake, and goofy games. Friends of Casa Chirilagua volunteered their time to provide rides to the church and to watch the children while the women relaxed together.

This wedding shower was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate a Christ centered marriage and to share a little more about the importance of the institution designed to demonstrate the Lord’s relationship with his Church. Our prayer is that the women in attendance were able to see once again just how much Jesus loves each of us, and how His laws and institutions are designed to protect and benefit His children.