Nov KC Update

Tales from the Potty Room

Over the past 2 months, the toilet at Kids Club has clogged and overflowed 5 times. That’s been a lot of mopping!  After the last flooding, one of our children confessed she had thrown a paper towel in the toilet. At that point we realized it wasn’t just a plumbing problem and so it was time to sit the kids down and talk about proper bathroom procedures. At the beginning of class the next day, I had them repeat after me: “I will never, ever, never, ever throw paper towels in the toilet.” They seemed to understand. After dismissal, I went to check on the state of the bathroom, and to my dismay I found the trash can FULL to the top with used, dirty toilet paper, ICK! So again, the next day, we had a little chat with the kids about bathroom usage. This time I was prepared with visuals: some toilet paper and some paper towels from the bathroom. I held up the toilet paper and asked the class to name what I was holding. Several first graders shouted back, “PAPER TOWELS!” And there was my ‘aha’ moment – the kids were trying to be obedient by not throwing “paper towels” in the toilet, but with their limited English, they didn’t have all the facts straight and ended up making a big, ugly mess. God used this very banal situation to remind me that He desires our obedience, but our obedience doesn’t mean much if it isn’t based on truth. We pray that we can continue to impart truth into our little ones at Kids Club, so that they may grow in wisdom and knowledge, both spiritually and academically, and even in how to use the bathroom!

Kids Club Adventures

We’ve been very busy this past month. See what we’ve been up to!