October KC Update

The past few weeks we have been talking with the kids about CHOICES. We all make them everyday, both big and small. Through some fun role-playing and a little bit of reflection, the kids learned that our choices affect others. Sometimes a bad choice we make can hurt somebody else (or our good choice can help them). Sometimes a bad choice somebody else makes can hurt us, even if we make the right choice. The kids learned that this brokenness is part of our reality in a sinful world since Adam, Eve and the fall. As we read through that story of the The Big Terrible Lie in the Garden of Eden, the kids reacted with rage over Adam and Eve’s disobedience that brought brokenness into our world (they asked, “If Adam and Eve hadn’t disobeyed, would we all still be living in paradise in the Garden of Eden?”). But upon more reflection, the kids realized their own sin and bad choices – we are no better than Adam and Eve. It made us all a little bit more aware of our need for God’s rescuer, Jesus, who has come, and has promised to return, to make all things right again.