our people

At Casa Chirilagua, we’re family. We believe our people reflect a picture of the Kingdom of God. Our diverse family unites different cultural backgrounds, denominations, ages, levels of education, types of professions and passions. Our community is comprised of families, parent committee officers, staff, board members, volunteers and supporters. We are always looking for new members of the family to adopt – all are welcome!

Volunteer With Us!

"Come, volunteer, we treat you like family!" –Gloria, Kids Club Student As a volunteer, you will build meaningful relationships and impact the community. Opportunities range from year-long to one-time commitments ranging through various levels of experience. Below you can find information about the volunteer needs for each of our programs. The programs are divided by the age group or demographics of the target…


Our neighborhood is diverse with a large Latino immigrant population, mainly composed of families – young parents who want to see their children succeed. Most of our families are from the Central American countries of El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. Through a variety of programs, we're able to build reciprocal relationships with about eighty families a year.


At Casa Chirilagua, program staff live in the neighborhood and actively participate in community life. Living in Chirilagua enables our relational model; staff can consistently visit families in their homes to discuss program activities, celebrate a birthday, or share a coffee. Every activity and program implemented by Casa Chirilagua starts with listening and conversation in the neighborhood.    

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors includes a variety of local Casa Chirilagua supporters from the Washington, D.C. metro area. The board meets four times per year and attends one board retreat annually.   The Board oversees the formation and approval of the annual budget and annual development/fundraising plans; organizational financial oversight and strategic planning; hiring decisions concerning the President/Executive Director; approving…


Our partners represent a diverse group of churches, foundations, non-profits, and corporations, all investing in Chirilagua in a variety of ways to include monetary, volunteer, and material support. If your organization is interested in partnering with Casa Chirilagua, please email development@casachirilagua.org.


We rely on a large network of many weekly volunteers giving their time and talent, helping us build relationships and run our weekly neighborhood-based programs. From tutoring to IT support, we depend on donated volunteer hours every single day. To find out how you can volunteer, visit our connect page.


Our supporters represent a diverse group of individuals, families, churches, foundations, non-profits, and corporations. As a non-profit, we rely 100% on donations to support our work in the neighborhood. To learn about how you can give of your monetary and physical treasure, visit our donate page.

Community Leaders

Our parent leadership group and strategic direction committee are comprised community leaders who are interested in shaping the future of their community.    Our parent committee, comprised of elected parent leaders from families participating in our programs, leads neighborhood parents by discussing programming, fundraising activities, and general neighborhood issues. The parent committee meets monthly to support and encourage one another…