our values

We are deeply passionate about Christ’s example of incarnation – God humbling himself, inhabiting flesh, living among us in order to live fully our human experience. We recognize in God an intimate care for each of His image-bearers. As an application of that care, we see in the gospel a call to reconciliation – between God and humanity as well as between individuals, classes, and cultures.


These concepts drive our ministry. We seek to live incarnationally among our neighbors, positioning ourselves to be the hands and feet of Christ daily. We seek relationship, recognizing that transformation occurs through Christ-centered connections, that programs serve as access points rather than ends in themselves. We seek, live, and profess a message of restoration between God and people and between individuals. We highlight these values in what we call the 5 R’s. These values guide our decisions and focus for the future and growth of our organization.


RELIANT – We are reliant on God.


ROOTED – We are rooted in the community.


RELATIONAL – We are relational in all we do.


RECONCILIATORY – We work toward reconciliation to God and one another.


REGENERATIONAL – We invest in the regeneration of individuals and our entire neighborhood.