Parent Leaders in the Community

The Kids Club Parent Committee has been on fire meeting multiple times over the summer, setting the mission of the parent group, developing its values, helping set Kids Club policies and planning and implementing a Kids Club parent orientation. The camaraderie, participation and commitment has been incredible to watch over the past year. During a recent meeting, the leaders looked around the room and noticed that many of the officers had served for multiple years and their children were entering their last year of Kids Club. They began building a strategy to step down from their positions of leadership to give others an opportunity to lead and grow. 

Lucia chimed in, “I serve on the parent committee because I believe in the way Kids Club and Casa Chirilagua is forming who my daughter will become and I want to do my part in supporting it. I will continue to help and do my part as a parent.” We agreed that the sharing of testimonies such as Lucia’s would help motivate other parents to participate. 

Roger Reyes who has faithfully served as the President of the Parent Group for four years building a strong foundation and unity among the parents commented, “There are leaders among us. They have the ability. They have the skill and they can make the time. What is holding back the leaders in our parent group is fear. They do not believe that they can do it. We have to step forward and tell them that they can do it and we will be there with them supporting them as they step into a leadership role.” 

We are thankful for the leadership and sacrifice of parents like Lucia and Roger and we look forward to working alongside the next group of emerging leaders. Please pray for the parent committee elections on September 19th when eight new officers will be elected to serve and lead the parent committee.